Thursday, January 12, 2017

The 7 Things I'm Loving in 2017

I make lists, lots and lots of lists.  Most of my lists get lost in the abyss of my desk or my car, but I made the list.  There's something cathartic about just getting it down on real paper.  Yeah, I don't normally use the handy-dandy list app on my phone.  That would make too much sense.  I mean, what's the fun in getting to the store and remembering that you left your list on the little box thing that holds your keys so that "you wouldn't forget" the list?!?! 👀

In my list-making frenzy, I listed 7 things that I'm loving in the early stages of 2017.  

  1.  This Bullet Journal . Well, it's not an official bullet journal until you make it one. I bought this one last year, and I'm still using it to journal about whatever my overthinking brain needs to get out onto paper.  Many of my lists go here. Haven't ventured into bullet journaling?  Oh boy!  Go check out Pinterest.  You better grab a cup of coffee (see No. 6); you'll be there a while. 
  2. These Pen Holders for my journal, my calendar, and all my other nerdy notebooks. The adhesive is great and I always have my favorite pens available! 
  3. Speaking of pens, this one is my current favorite.  I also love these for when I'm feeling super creative. 
  4. As I have recently graduated from a Transcript Proofreading Course (yayyyyyy!), I have started using my iPad Mini 2 to proofread jobs while on the go.  I'm kind of old school with the whole touchscreen thing and felt that I would rather use a keyboard.  I'm loooooving this little keyboard and case.  I seem to be much more productive and efficient with my keyboard in tow. I obsessively researched (shock, I know) before I settled on this one. The major difference is the fact that the keyboard doesn't come loose, and the iPad can rotate 360⁰. Need a proofreader? I know someone 🖉😉
  5. I have a goal of reading (actually reading) 12 books (real books) in 2017.  I'm sure that sounds like a wimpy goal, but I have been really slacking in the reading department in the last few years. My pick for January is Loving My Actual Life: An Experiment in Relishing What's Right in Front of Me by Alexandra Kuykendall.  It is SO what I needed to read during this seemingly unending season of change. 
  6. COFFEE!! Why is coffee number 6?  I don't know. BUT I have found my soul-mate coffee. The crazy thing is that it's roasted just a few miles from my house. WHO KNEW? It was recommended to me by a new friend and, seriously, YOU NEED THIS COFFEE IN YOUR LIFE. Headland Roasting Company is a small, family-owned business.  You can check them out on Facebook here. If you're local, go check out this sweet spot. Oh! I almost forgot! They have chocolate covered espresso beans! Yep.  It's kinda perfect.  
  7. And last but certainly not least...drum Happy Planner!  If you know me personally, you have seen this little gem.  It is just part of my daily wardrobe.  It's an extension of my brain.  I can't function without it.  And the stickers!  Oh, the glorious stickers!  I love stickers. 

What are some of your favorite things? Please tell me that I'm not the only one who gets attached to things like pens and pen loops. 💗
DISCLAIMER: These images aren't mine.  I HAD my own images of each product (because I actually use every single one), but my memory card on my camera decided that it was time to die. Therefore, these are all borrowed. 😏